Why is online gambling in the US threatened?

Despite the fact that in many countries the legalization of online casinos has not even begun today, the States in this sense were, until recently, a “prosperous” country. Although online gambling is still far from being allowed everywhere, the legalization of this segment has been successfully carried out “by the state” for a couple of years. And in as many as 5 regions it has already been resolved:

  • Nevada.
  • New Jersey.
  • Pennsylvania.
  • West Virginia.
  • Michigan.

And even though in many of these states, legalization proceeded “with a creak”, overcoming many obstacles, but as a result, local gambling operators received licenses in order to provide their services not only in land-based establishments, but also on the Internet.

online gambling

This led the proponents of legalization to the idea that now there is nothing to worry about: albeit slowly, the remaining 45 states will come to the idea of ​​allowing online casinos on their territory. And at least this business will always remain legal where it was allowed.

But it was not there. As it became known, a bill was recently submitted to the US Senate, which, if successfully passed, will not only suspend the process of further legalization of online casinos, but may even “close the shop” in those states where licenses have already been issued to them.

Reasons for the ban on online gambling in the USA

According to the official version, which was proposed by Republican Senator Tom Cotton, who submitted this bill, online casinos should be banned in order to protect the population, especially minors, from its corrupting action.

Even at the stage of consideration of the draft law, it is assumed that 2 reports should be received:

From the Treasury: what kind of gambling exists in the United States today, how legal they are. And most importantly: how payments are credited to the accounts of gambling sites.


From the Federal Trade Commission. She is obliged to analyze gambling advertising and make her own decision: how much this advertising complies with the policy of protecting minors from gambling.

In simple terms, Cotton believes that there are a lot of casino ads in the online segment. Moreover, many of them do not hesitate to use cartoon characters in the video sequence, which inevitably attracts children. That is why their activities need to be taken under control. Better yet, just ban it.

And besides, everything that happens is contrary to the US law UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, that is, the “law on the prohibition of gambling on the Internet”), which was passed in September 2006 at the federal level.

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